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NOTE:  Due to the High Demands, and SoLoved Staff unwilling to compromise on our quality and time, we have unfortunately closed our books for grooming except from SCHNAUZERS so loved, of ALL SIZES.

Please feel free to waitlist with SoLoved.
is sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Poochso loved


- before & after work -

Poochso loved can be left over for the whole day

- FREE from Any Charges -

to play and socialize

with other pooch/esso loved.


Prior arrangements required for FREE puppy walk



SoLoved groom salon




SoLoved   MAINTAINS a GroomCare Culture, geared absolutely towards the full interest of your loved canine friend’s Total Wellness.


SoLoved   SEEKS to cultivate a Therapeutic Approach towards WHOLESOMENESS, embracing the physical, physiological, pyschological and emotional aspects, taking into consideration the breed, body makeup, health history, activity level, environment and other factors which contributes to the poochso loved’s overall health.


SoLoved   does not provide grooming services TO serve Vanity, with the use of chemicals, colours and other artificial agents which harm your poochso loved’s body and health.


SoLoved   BELIEVES in the use of pure and natural ingredients being integral in steering away from any possible resulting allergies or even poison absorption through the skin into your poochso loved’s blood system, which defeats the single, fundamental purpose of GROOMCARE.


SoLoved  has all the time for your poochso loved for the Day of the appointment,

unlike traditional Pet Grooming Centre where time is cash.


SoLoved’s goal is ultimately towards TOTAL WELLNESS; which, in our perspective, apart from Diet, Exercise, Groomcare, Healthcare and Dentalcare, in general, Socialising and Obedience Training plays an equally integral role in progressing towards that goal.


SoLoved’s Groomcare session is unique in the industry, in that, we accommodate a full 1-day for your poochso loved  on the Day of the appointment in order that he/she has all the time needed to be exposed to different things and events happening around and to socialise with other poochesso loved  .  


SoLoved  also allows interval time between short sessions for a particular Groomcare activity, in case,  your poochso loved  feels uncomfortable or overly stressed with the grooming experience.


During the Day, your poochso loved can be taken out for walks or receive short basic Obedience Training at NO Extra Charges.


For your peace of mind, SoLoved can save you the worry from having to juggle between work and dropping plus picking up your special friend.  


SoLoved generally picks up your poochso loved before you leave for work and brings your poochso loved  back after your work day. 


SoLoved can bring your poochso loved back after your dinner date and will all the merrier accommodate him/her for a FREE 1-night HealthSTAY to relieve you to other obligations. 


you are required to discuss your requirements and make prior arrangements for such luxury with SoLoved at the earliest possible.

Partner with us to bring a better future hence a wholesome lifetime to your poochso loved.



SoLoved ’s therapeutic groomcare approach also seeks to fulfill

nail and ear wholesomeness.

HYGIENE and SAFETY is strictly of the highest standards in SoLoved Groom Salon.

Some of our regular clients had previously experienced bacteria infection(most common experiences), a cut-tongue, injured eye, etc. after grooming sessions with conventional groomers who are still operating.

,  due to our PASSION for animals and a whole day commitment for ONLY your poochso loved, has endeavoured with our utmost effort to never let your poochso loved to experience such careless mishaps.

 always have the TIME to completely disinfect our tools and equipment used for grooming our next-day poochso loved.

Our NICHE in Nail & Ear Wholesomeness is unheard of in the industry.

(Read more in the Nail Wholesomeness & Ear Wholesomeness sections)

Therefore, you can be ASSURED that your
poochso loved is in sincere loving hands when they pay a visit to our fun but serious SoLoved  Groom Salon.


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