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SoLoved HEALTH Supplies


When ORDERING, ensure that you tick "Cash on Delivery" and when you click "Next",
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Product Packaging & Updates
Manufacturers periodically update their products' packaging which reflect new names, product usage, formulation, and ingredient updates.   However, their websites nor ours may be updated concurrently.   The information on the websites is intended only to serve as a general guide to consumers.   The most current and accurate product information is always reflected on the carton or the label of the ACTUAL product.

CLICK on Underlined Product Name for More Info
Click on the Underlined Product Name
to read Additional Details on the Products.
3 items total

More to come ...
Tune in regularly ...

SoLoved's ongoing trial of products after we shortlist the products in consideration of the natural ingredients.

This is to convenience and benefit our clients as there are all kinds of unnatural products which are called Health Products and some products including the better-known brands are hyped with advertising.

As you can see, there aren't that many products in this category though we have tried so many products over the years.

We have also added a few of the popular products bought by clients.

Feel free to try out what we and/or our clients think is great.  

Please give us your feedback so SoLoved can continue to partnership towards wholesome living.   
REDFood/Berries (8)
The place for your ANTIOXIDANTS!
GREENFood (24)

GREEN-Food =CHLORO(greek)-Food
Green-LEAF   =Chloro-PHYLLON(greek)
Chlorophyll, a plant(phyto)-chemical, causes GREEN Plants to be GREEN.


incomplete section...
under construction...

KIDs & TEENs (12)
A section just for your very loved childrenso loved.   

Children are your future. 

Every parent would want their childrenso loved  to use the most basic and natural products to avoid future negative repercussions.
Very Important section!  Why? Woman often neglect their health for their family. It's just the maternal instinct, whether for their kids or partners or just anyone. 

Don't run yourself too dry, women.  Look after yourself so that you can look after those you love in and for the long run!

...section under construction
...more to come
...tune in

MEN (10)
Another important section!  Men who utilise their Energy to all kinds of Work indoors & outdoors.

Men, look after your Health so that you can live long to change the World, to see your family or loved ones grow..

...section under construction
...more to come
...tune in

Vitamins & Supplements (18)

Think that you have a balanced diet?  Think again!  With the lifestyle in this age, no one can be near balance, affected by stress, age, gender, sleep, inheriditary factors etc.

...section under construction
...more to come
...tune in

Grocery (0)

Surprised?  Yes! we supply WHOLESOME, HEALTHY groceries for your whole family.  Speak to us why out of more than 8000 products we supply, we shortlisted some here which we prioritise for your optimum health..

...section under construction
...more to come
...tune in

Juice/Tea/Coffee (0)
Not just any Juice.  Pure, Natural, 100% Fresh Juice which is what you should look for.
Tea is not just green or black tea.  Have a browse!  Good for your overall well-being!
Coffee?  ummm... have a look anyway!

...section under construction
...more to come
...tune in

Beauty Care (44)
Due to our harsh Environment and Natural Causes which we cannot control, we ought to look after our Skin, the Epidermis, the Front Line Defense against not only such elements but foreign bacteria, germs, viruses which can affect our whole Well-Being. 

The Skin is also an ORGAN.  Therefore, we ought to strengthen and guard this Barrier not solely for appearance sake but for the protection of the whole body including all other vital organs.  
TRAVEL/Trial Pack/KIT (4)

BOOKS -Good Reads! (1)

CANCER -related (2)


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